The Power of Place

Does your Main Street district understand who your niche market is? Are you trying to tell your story to everyone and no one is listening? Let me help cut through the noise and show you who you need to reach and how. 

The Power of Place - Who's Your Niche


Telling your story to the right audience can be a lot easier.

You know where you live and work is special, but does everyone else? Even people who live there? Are you trying to attract new businesses, investment and visitors to your downtown? Do you know who would be interested in investing their time and money with your district?

If you think the answer is everybody – we have a long way to go!

Everyone isn’t interested in preservation as an economic development tool and that’s ok. When you understand who your people are and reach out to them they become your allies. They are passionate about your district and they stay and invest. If they are visitors they come over and over.  Those are your people.

It’s called a niche audience and you might have more than one, but it takes a little work to figure out who they are.

Let's find your niche.

That’s where I come in. With over 25 years of marketing experience as a travel marketer and as a Main Street Director I can help you assess what you have and whom you need to target to. I can also provide concrete ways for you to share your story to that target audience in ways that are cost effective, smart and reaches them exactly where they are.

This fun full day workshop is comprised of a site visit to understand your districts unique ingredients, a session with your board members to delve into their dream for the future and a presentation with your stakeholders laying out the your ideal niche audiences. If we add on an extra day we can do a hands on marketing workshop with your Main Street board and staff to understand the tools, timelines and budgets you need to share your story. Have one more day? Your business owners can get one on one consultations about reaching the desired niche audience, too.

At the end of your first day you will have built out for you your ideal customers in real person format. You will know everything about them and what they are looking for. You will know their names, what they look like, what car they drive and what they like to do in their spare time. Sound amazing? It is. This is exactly how large and small brands understand their target audiences. They aren’t marketing to everyone. They are marketing to their niche audience and you can do this too.

Interested in this for your Main Street district? Click to connect now and let’s find your niche!