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After 9/11 I left a successful career in San Francisco as the director of marketing to build my own, personalized, studio dedicated to helping small business. What I left behind were pointless meetings, red tape, and budgets that were astronomical. What I gained was a sense of living my life on my own terms, the ability to help clients have real success, and the joy of saying yes or no when I needed to.

I’ve been blogging since 2006 and have created a rich community of friends and partners both as the community manager for Northwest Arkansas Bloggers and through commitment to creating real relationships. I believe in the power of taking online offline into real life – it makes life better.

I’m currently speaking about sharing your story and connecting in real life, developing branding strategies, consulting with nonprofits and small towns, teaching mindfulness, writing a book – A BOOK!! – and meandering down the path of relentless authenticity on 13 gorgeous acres in the Ozark Mountains.

Some fun facts about me:

Guys seem to get really excited when I tell them I designed the packaging for Ninja Turtles and Star Wars Episode 1. Ladies are more impressed that all of my travel marketing brand collateral for The Pampered Chef is in their museum.

One of the strangest projects I’ve ever done was the social media marketing for Orange County Choppers on the Country Music Channel.

I’m a teetotaler.

My first job was taking photographs in Roaring 20’s costume at Knott’s Berry Farm.

I started out as a women’s studies major, but decided that I would like to a) eat and b) influence people. I’ve been marketing huge corporations, destinations, nonprofits, small businesses and events for 20+ years. I know my stuff.

I worked, as a kid, for Taco Bell for 20 minutes. Really, if you saw what they do to make that food you would have lasted as long as I did too.

I’ve been meditating for over 20 years. Trust me when I say it is still a practice.

I connect bloggers to small town destinations. Interested? Head over here.

I have taught creative writing and personal journaling to teens and adults. I’ve kept a journal since I was 13. Dear diary…

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Photo by Richard Quick Photography – Rockin’ a Main Street Program