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—  About me: I'm a real person and real place advocate. I push people and organizations to be the best they can be. I believe in experiences over things. If I can hook you up to good stuff I will do that. Every. Damn. Time.


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A little more about me, what drives me & a few surprises:

Jacqueline Wolven amplifies real places, people and work through the motto #DoGoodWork. 

Authenticity isn't just a buzzword in the Do Good Work Studio. I live it. Write about it. Push and pull it out of you and your company/project/idea. It is my highest goal in all the work I do to help you have that aha moment.

You, of course, can hire me to work directly with you, book me to speak or facilitate your group. Let's talk. Email or Call +1-479-244-5074. Or you can sign up for my letter that I send out once a month to motivate you to do good work.

Some fun facts about me:

I’m a teetotaler.

My first job was taking photographs in Roaring 20’s costume at Knott’s Berry Farm.

I started out as a women’s studies major, but decided that I would like to a) eat and b) influence people. I’ve been marketing huge corporations, destinations, nonprofits, small businesses and events for 20+ years. I know my stuff.

I worked, as a kid, for Taco Bell for 20 minutes. Really, if you saw what they do to make that food you would have lasted as long as I did too.

I’ve been meditating for over 27 years. Trust me when I say it is still a practice.


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