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Get The Book: You Are a Badass at Making Money

Normally, I wouldn't tell you to go get a book until I have finished reading it. I certainly wouldn't tell you to go get it when I've just gotten to Chapter 2, but this book is different. Very different. Different in a good way.

First, a disclaimer. I'm not a woo person. I don't believe in a higher power. I don't believe in the traditional ideas of "the law of attraction". No healing energy, mystical stuff happening over here. That said. I'm willing to let go of all of that just to see what happens. This goes against my very grain, but I'm doing it because, why not. Seriously. Nothing bad will happen if I try out new weird woo concepts.

Money. It's a hard topic to talk about. In fact, you aren't supposed to. Which is ridiculous because how are you supposed to LEARN about it if no one is TALKING about it. I grew up in a don't talk about it family with a lot of beliefs about rich people being bad. Seriously. My parents gave their lives to teaching and being a librarian - low paying jobs that better society. Anyone who did differently was obviously a greedy scumbag. I'm just telling you so you know where it came from. With that upbringing there was no surprise that they never talked about money options, how to make money, save money, invest money, deal with money - just silence.

So. Come to today and the You Are a Badass at Making Money book's Chapter 2 where Jen Sincero wants you to get in touch with your money beliefs. I'm shocked at the cray cray things I believe about money. I'm making myself work through two of my beliefs every morning and the weirdest thing is happening. I feel lighter, less anxious, less sleepy - just good. I want to get up at 5AM and slog through my crazy money beliefs and slay them like they are dragons. This from someone who really didn't even want to talk about money.

So, It's only Chapter 2, but go get the book. If you, like me, need to get to the heart of your money issues this might help. Heck, it can't hurt.

I'm chronicling my reading of the book on Instagram and let's just say that it gets real.

Links are Affiliate links to I'd appreciate the purchase, but if you have a local book store go there first.

Affirmations & Sweet Life Hacks

I’m doing something super crazy. I’m jumping feet first into the world of You are a Bad Ass by Jen Sincero and all the wild woo it encourages. Why? Because I’m bombarded on the daily with negativity in the news, in the grocery line, online and I need to keep my life jamming on the happiness track for my sanity and my success. Yes, there are real problems and I am lending my voice, my hand and my dollars to make a difference, but I need to also raise my vibration. Dude. I just said raise my vibration. Welcome to my wild ride of tapping into the life force.

The Sweet Life Hack

My house is old. Really old. It was built before electricity. Because of that we don’t have enough outlets and they aren’t in the right places. A few weeks ago I was listening to Gretchen Rubin’s podcast Happier and she was talking about Missing Puzzle Pieces in life. These are simple things that could make your life easier with a simple change. I realized I had a HUGE one I needed a longer iPhone charger cord and I needed more than one in the house. I was running to plug my iPhone in our bedroom and couldn’t hear the phone ring in my office (small old house that weirdly has very thick walls).

I read several reviews recently of Amazon’s Basics line and they were really favorable. So.. I bought two cords and my life is sweet. I can have my phone next to the bed at night and I have a cord in the living room and in my office to charge it during the day. What is your missing puzzle piece? What could make your life better?

Badass Affirmations

I’ve known about affirmations since the 80’s when I read Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life. I chalked it up to some serious hippy hooey then, but now I’m adding them back. I tend to obsess about the crazy things I see online about cutting PBS, NPR and kids lunches and I can’t think straight anymore. So, I am going to combat all of that crazy coming out of DC with some serious affirmation training.

I’m going to fill my head with the good because the bad isn’t going to win over here!

What the heck is an affirmation you are asking? You know. Positive things you tell yourself that counteract the negative self talk or venom coming out of your racist uncle’s Facebook feed. You just repeat them, post them around your house and learn to suck them in as the ninja to negativity.

Go. Go get the book.