Book Clubs Are Magic

If you haven't read Sarah Murphy's book  The Possessions get thee to Amazon now  .

If you haven't read Sarah Murphy's book The Possessions get thee to Amazon now.

I'm in the best book club in the world. (I know you probably are, too, but mine is super awesome.) They are smart, sassy (I kind of hate that word), vibrant (hate that word more) women who give zero fucks about anything when we are together. Life is for today and they are going to dive into a book and love and hate it simultaneously and then defend their position loudly and with no worries that they have said too much.

Back Story: My friend Diane’s husband had passed away suddenly six months earlier. I was the sucky friend that never came by to say anything because what do you say (don’t be me). At the six month point, I went to her and asked what she wanted and she told me a book club. I said I could do that. I gathered awesome women who she didn’t really know, they didn’t really know each other, but I knew were magical. We met at her office that first night (over a year ago now) and discussed our love/hate of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic (sorry Liz). I knew right then that they would be something special.

Why am I telling you this? Because you need a book club too. These can be your people and goodness knows we need to find our people. Here are a few tips on how to get started and how to keep it going.

  • Don't obsess about who comes. Those that fit will stick around and those that don't won't. It's ok.
  • Don't make it overly large. Ours is 13 people (a perfect witches coven) and we can fit in most people's living rooms.
  • Meet once a month.
  • Pick 2 - 3 books at a time. We just let the first people to blurt out their idea for a book be the book. We read the Amazon descriptions out loud and go for it. We don't over analyze the choices. It isn't really about the book, people. We pick for the next couple of months because of travel and schedules. People like to read ahead.
  • Read the books. It really does help if people have read the book.
  • Have a Facebook group for your club. Let people chat. Make an event for your meeting so it shows up on their phones. 
  • Use the group for MORE than just book club. Ask if anyone wants to meet up to see an art show, go kayaking, go for a walk, see a play, walk your dogs - whatever. These are your people and you will learn more about them in all the different configurations that show up at these other unofficial meet ups. Say yes to more of these than you would say no to.

Making friends as an adult is really hard. Don't let anyone tell you it isn't. You have to create opportunities to make magic happen. Questions? Comment below and let's get to the nitty gritty of what book clubs are, aren't can do, can't or how yours is better than mine (I'm totally up for that challenge).