Are you floundering in your business, getting bogged down, not selling and just feeling frustrated? Are you starting a business but you aren’t sure where to go? Do you have a small town or nonprofit that just isn’t getting the story out there? I can help. Let’s build your brand, tell your story and make work easier.

Have questions about working with me? Please check the following FAQ or feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Do you offer one on one consultations?

I do. I can do an assessment of your business, brand or organization giving you recommendations on how we can work together.

Do you create custom marketing plans and branding?

Yes! My background is in graphic design (20 years designing brands, consumer packaging, and collateral) and marketing brands through traditional and social. I can evaluate where you are and create a custom marketing plan that listens to your goals and your realities. This isn’t about spending all the money in the world; it’s about getting you where you want to go in your business.

Do you speak to small and large groups?

My goal is to communicate smart marketing, new tools and tricks, and motivation in a way that audiences can hear it. I teach workshops nationwide, train small groups, and keynote events. I also facilitate vision planning and strategic planning with organizations and small towns.

Do you offer one one one coaching even if I'm not sure what I want to do?

Yes, but the goal is to have a plan to get you from A to Z when we are done. It isn’t counseling and it isn’t therapy. Instead, I listen and help you build a strategy towards your success. Whatever that looks like to you.


Working with me is unlike working with other consultants. I dive deep into where you want to go. I am able to assess quickly what your situation is and map a route to the next step or the finish line. The cool thing is that you can start to work smarter, save money and increase revenue. Who doesn’t like that idea?


I am hired to manage entire programs, develop marketing plans that are implemented by you, or dive into one area that needs focus. That focus area can be an advertising plan, social strategy, branding campaign, event, public relations, or just getting your team to the place it needs to be through a more efficient way of doing business. My flexibility and broad base of experience allows you to tap in and work smarter at the level of engagement that makes sense to both of us.

Ready to get started? Send me a message and we can schedule a time.