motivates What motivates you? I mean REALLY motivates you? Is it a sense of obligation? Do you have some idea of where you are going and understand the steps to get there? Are you stubborn?

What shifts you off of your motivation? What causes you to freeze or halt or even back up?

I’m extremely curious about your motivation as I look at my own. Honestly, usually it is money. Which I don’t love, but work projects always come before other niceties. Then whatever makes my family happy comes next. Then the things I just have to do because they are part of the agreement of grownups (that I’m not sure when I signed, but I buy into). Lastly, it is things that make me happy.

What makes me lack motivation? Being sick (allergies have been a real pill this year), general laziness and doldrums, a lack of creativity or excitement is what usually makes me feel less than motivated. Sometimes procrastination plays a part in the lack of motivation – it takes a little bit of time pressure to make me excited about a project.

I’d love to know more about your motivation – take this short survey and let’s see what makes us tick. You can also sign up to be interviewed for the blog about your motivation or lack of motivation. See, I’m seriously interested in what makes you do the stuff you do.

XO – Jacqueline

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