Love Notes for Business Love notes. Thank you notes. Notes that inspire you. Notes that remind you who you are. Notes that you keep tucked in a drawer. Notes that you frame. That is what we are talking about this month because I believe that we need to share the love. We need to remind people that they are amazing. I think we need to give people the nudge towards seeing their own greatness. Notes. So simple and yet so big.

Let’s Talk Business Love/Thank You Notes

Let’s talk today about writing thank you notes for your business or in your job. With all of the hectic to do’s is there time to even do this? Does it matter? Do you like getting them? Who do you send them to? So many questions.

Who do you give notes of encouragement, thank you or love in your business? Honestly? Anyone.

Do you have an employee that is really rocking it? Write a quick note on real stationary and leave it on their desk. Just a few sentences can be uplifting. This isn’t instead of a raise or bonus, but on a random Tuesday.

Do you have a co-worker or team member that went above and beyond for you? Drop a note on their desk or in the mail and let them know. Again, this doesn’t have to be soliloquy. It can be “you rocked my world this week”. Simple and sweet.

What about a board member or boss who looked out for you? A quick thank you on real stationary can show that you saw that and that it mattered to you.

Notes for Folks Outside the Biz

Customers? Yep. Send them a note thanking them for their business.

Vendors who make your life a million times easier? Yep send a note even when they aren’t asking you for their bill to be paid.

Referrals? Sure. Did someone hook you up with a potential customer? Send them a thank you for the vote of confidence.

Speaking of confidence, did someone have coffee with you and give you some solid advice? Send them a note thanking them and sharing why their voice in your business matters to you.

It’s that simple. A few words on a real piece of paper or note card and you open up a whole other space in someones heart and mind.

The Love Note Challenge

The challenge is to write one business love note and get it in the mail. Let me know on Facebook or Instagram if you send it.