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Badass Affirmations to Ninja Negativity

Badass Affirmations to Ninja Negativity I’m doing something super crazy. I’m jumping feet first into the world of You are a Bad Ass by Jen Sincero and all the wild woo it encourages. Why? Because I’m bombarded on the daily with negativity in the news, in the grocery line, online and I need to keep my life jamming on the happiness track for my sanity and my success. Yes, there are real problems and I am lending my voice, my hand and my dollars to make a difference, but I need to also raise my vibration. Dude. I just said raise my vibration. Welcome to my wild ride of tapping into the life force.

The Sweet Life Hack

My house is old. Really old. It was built before electricity. Because of that we don’t have enough outlets and they aren’t in the right places. A few weeks ago I was listening to Gretchen Rubin’s podcast Happier and she was talking about Missing Puzzle Pieces in life. These are simple things that could make your life easier with a simple change. I realized I had a HUGE one I needed a longer iPhone charger cord and I needed more than one in the house. I was running to plug my iPhone in our bedroom and couldn’t hear the phone ring in my office (small old house that weirdly has very thick walls).

I read several reviews recently of Amazon’s Basics line and they were really favorable. So.. I bought two cords and my life is sweet. I can have my phone next to the bed at night and I have a cord in the living room and in my office to charge it during the day. What is your missing puzzle piece? What could make your life better?

Badass Affirmations

I’ve known about affirmations since the 80’s when I read Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life. I chalked it up to some serious hippy hooey then, but now I’m adding them back. I tend to obsess about the crazy things I see online about cutting PBS, NPR and kids lunches and I can’t think straight anymore. So, I am going to combat all of that crazy coming out of DC with some serious affirmation training.

I’m going to fill my head with the good because the bad isn’t going to win over here!

What the heck is an affirmation you are asking? You know. Positive things you tell yourself that counteract the negative self talk or venom coming out of your racist uncle’s Facebook feed. You just repeat them, post them around your house and learn to suck them in as the ninja to negativity.

I wrote, researched and copied down four pages of them today and some of them were good enough to make desktop wallpaper. Which I kindly give to you for free. Download and get on my road to happiness.

Be A Pineapple Affirmation Links are Amazon Affiliate links used to support my work in the world. Enjoy the desktop wallpapers for free – you deserve them!


Bright Spots, Life Savers & Tools That Work

Bright Spots, Life Savers & Tools That Work

I have been thinking about the life savers and tools I use daily that make a real difference and thought might want to know what helps make things easier in my life/work, too.

Ooo! That Pen: I have always loved Le Pen by Marvy. They are an ultra thin pen and I use them every single day in my Bullet Journal (That Flexi Sketch is my new favorite). They don’t bleed like Sharpie’s can (although I love Sharpie’s, too.) which is important if your planner paper is thin. Mine isn’t in the Flexi Sketch, but I have used plenty of other planners that have thinner paper.

Dreamy Doctor Drive Home the Points: I’m reading The Brain Fog Fix by the dreamy Dr. Mike Dow and he has some really solid points. He takes a whole body approach and I appreciate that so much. I’m breaking down the first section over on Facebook with the 7 Pitfalls of Thinking – the mind traps we get ourselves in and can’t seem to get out of easily. You probably don’t do them all, but I bet there is one that makes you a little crazy… or maybe that’s just me. Ha!

Flow magazine is just such a treat:  I would love to write for them because their idea of simplicity meets creativity is the life I lead in so many ways. I forget that folks are just jumping on the minimalist, tiny house, slow down your life trend when my family did that 16 years ago and rarely (I can’t say never because I’m human) looked back. Each issue is a visual delight and I highly recommend losing yourself within the pages on a sleepy Sunday.

Moisturize Ladies (Men, too!): I found Derma E Vitamin E Oil a few years ago and I use it at night 3 times a week. I don’t wear foundation or powder during the day, but I knew that as I was getting older I needed more moisture in my skin. I was looking for something very simple because I have the Southern California beach culture for make up driving hard in my bones – sun, sunscreen, moisturizer and a natural skin tone are the things that beauty are made of and  I just can’t shake it. I swoon at the smell of Hawaiian Tropic, but that’s for another day. My skin changed when I turned 45 and now at 47 I really am trying to listen to what my body needs. More water and a light moisturizer seem to be doing the trick. I have watched and read countless excerpts of older women who say that they wish they had started moisturizing sooner… so get on that ladies.

Links are all Amazon Affiliate links thanks to the changes in state legislation in Arkansas and your support helps drive my work to amplify real places and real people. Thank you.

Weekend Links // Week 1

Aziz Ansari Quote Every week I read hundreds of blogs and articles – actually read, mind you, not skim the headlines – so you don’t have to and I collect the best links here.

It’s been ages since I did a weekend link. Things are good here. We’ve been tidying, puttering and getting ready to make the new year awesome.

what do you want to do // My husband and I are doing this, but with just 9 things we want to do in 2016. One of mine is to use up ALL of my art supplies. Dude. It is a lot of supplies.

182 writing markets that pay real cash money // Writers are always asking where they can make some money with all their words and this is a great starting list.

best books of 2015 // I’ve committed to reading 46 books in 2016 and am starting with some from this list. Have you read any of these?

blogging // My blogging board is crazy good.

Are you following me on Pinterest? You totally should be.

main street people & downtown development folks this is for you // There is an art/science to creating amazing public places.

your mental health matters // If you aren’t taking care of you there is no way you can take care of anyone else or your business/organization. Let 2016 be the year you commit to better self care.

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