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Recommended Reading: Life is a Mixtape

Three new posts thanks to the Problogger challengeTwo secrets to feeling rich when you choose to have less (this is important for people who choose lifestyle or time over dollars, how to have a kickass morning – I dive deep here to show what I’m doing and things to consider to create magic mornings, and 8 Marketing blogs or podcasts I actually read or listen to regularly – let’s cut out the crap and read what really works. I also have a poll going to find out what you REALLY need to read. Go answer. I’m giving out bonus points.


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8 of the Go To Marketing Blogs I Actually Read

Marketing Blogs I believe in continuing education (for everyone) and with that I read a number of branding, marketing or development blogs that you should read, too. Then we should go get coffee and talk about them. Even after 20 years I think it’s super important to keep you with new things in the field. These are some fun places I find relevant content that I share with clients and use in my own business.

  1. Braid Creative writes a great blog on creative and small business branding. They are blowing up the content lately on their blog, webinar series and podcast. If you have been in business for a while this is just as relevant to you as it is to the newbie.
  2. The Hubspot Marketing blog is pretty killer. They have great information that you can directly use in your own business. They are a go to for me on a weekly basis.
  3. I’ve been following Chris Brogan for a long time and he continues to write valuable, relevant pieces that help small businesses, online business and those looking to figure out what the heck they are doing.
  4. Paul Jarvis doesn’t write a blog. Instead he writes a Sunday Dispatch that I am super in love with and a bit jelly that I can’t get my shit together to do on a regular basis. He works with creatives and has really good things to say. Subscribe. You won’t regret it (except when you feel jealous of all that goodness.)
  5. I definitely didn’t attend an Ivy League school, but I read the Harvard Business Journal pretty religiously… because anyone can do that. This is good stuff, for free and without the weird secret clubs and hazing.
  6. Down to earth, practical and honest about how to get things done for your business belongs to the beautiful Marie Forleo. Her drive is amazeballs and her message is completely on point.
  7. I’ve been listening or reading Elise Joy before she had kids, a business selling Get To Workbook or was a sought after speaker. She is someone who does what she says and encourages you to too. Her podcast is a sweet reminder that business can have balance.
  8. Peg Fitzpatrick is my go to for social media marketing. She is smart, insightful, totally experienced (not just talking about it – DOING IT) and I get to meet her in September!!!

Alright, what am I missing? Who do you read in the marketing sphere that I should totally be adding to my queue? BONUS: Looking for blogging help? Check out Problogger – he has the sweetest Australian accent and really is a pro and I’ve been reading/listening to him for YEARS. Need to do a Business Plan? Jennifer Lee is your woman! She brings the Right Brain Business Plan to life and has been fun to watch grow her own business over the years.


Weekend Links // Week 3

Make It Happen Weekend Links The Weekend Links: Every week I read hundreds of blogs and articles – actually read, mind you, not skim the headlines – so you don’t have to and I collect the best links here.

That, above, is my first painting. My goal, remember, is to use all of my art supplies in 2016. I have LOT’S of art supplies. I’m excited to see myself fill up the over 30 blank canvases that I have. I’ll be sharing them here and on Instagram.

Your Weekend Links: The Best Links I Read Last Week (I read the internet – even long form – so you don’t have to.)

i finished reading this // Elizabeth Gilbert has some powerful words about doing the work, being curious and living a creative life in Big Magic. I read this for book club so I haven’t reviewed it, but I’d love to know if you liked it.

i’m not procrastinating, I’m thinking // This. As a creative person I sometimes push right up to the deadline because I let ideas swirl around. I make my deadlines, but I know that thinking is part of my process even if it looks like procrastination to you.

raising girls that are includers // I’ve written pretty extensively about mean women in the past (my daughter reminded me tonight that sometimes I can be mean – always good to be brought down to earth). The idea of raising our daughters and, really, retraining ourselves to be includers as women is so important.

blogging // My blogging board is crazy good.

Are you following me on Pinterest? You totally should be.

instagram tips? // Yep. Good stuff here for entrepreneurs, small business and anyone handling Instagram for business.

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