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Just Do This One Thing For Your Biz

hey, you! Do this one thing for your biz!

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs, organizations, and small businesses that say they just don’t have time to do social media. I talk a lot about where to spend you time and how to leverage your ideal customers, but if you could do just this one thing you would be lightyears ahead. One thing every single day.

What’s the One Thing?

Post on Instagram and share to your Facebook page. That’s it. It will grow your exposure. It’s easy to do. It takes less than 10 minutes. It’s no excuses social media marketing.

If you committed to doing that for 30 days – which is what I now have perspective clients do before I agree to work with them – you will see growth on both platforms and more engagement. If you want to do this challenge leave your Instagram link in the comments and I’ll follow along and cheer you on.

One thing. Seriously. You don’t want to be the organization that has a photo of last year’s event on your Facebook page and it’s just crickets everywhere. If you open accounts, post one or two things, and then leave so will your customers. They think that you are either not serious about your business, not engaged with your customers or, worse, out of business. This is especially true for retail and restaurants.

Let’s do this! Post once a day and let’s cheer each other on for doing this ONE thing to grow our digital marketing and social media relationships.

Weekend Links // Week 3

Make It Happen Weekend Links The Weekend Links: Every week I read hundreds of blogs and articles – actually read, mind you, not skim the headlines – so you don’t have to and I collect the best links here.

That, above, is my first painting. My goal, remember, is to use all of my art supplies in 2016. I have LOT’S of art supplies. I’m excited to see myself fill up the over 30 blank canvases that I have. I’ll be sharing them here and on Instagram.

Your Weekend Links: The Best Links I Read Last Week (I read the internet – even long form – so you don’t have to.)

i finished reading this // Elizabeth Gilbert has some powerful words about doing the work, being curious and living a creative life in Big Magic. I read this for book club so I haven’t reviewed it, but I’d love to know if you liked it.

i’m not procrastinating, I’m thinking // This. As a creative person I sometimes push right up to the deadline because I let ideas swirl around. I make my deadlines, but I know that thinking is part of my process even if it looks like procrastination to you.

raising girls that are includers // I’ve written pretty extensively about mean women in the past (my daughter reminded me tonight that sometimes I can be mean – always good to be brought down to earth). The idea of raising our daughters and, really, retraining ourselves to be includers as women is so important.

blogging // My blogging board is crazy good.

Are you following me on Pinterest? You totally should be.

instagram tips? // Yep. Good stuff here for entrepreneurs, small business and anyone handling Instagram for business.

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Weekend Links //8

The world is but canvas to our imagination - Thoreau Every week I read hundreds of blogs and articles – actually read, mind you, not skim the headlines – so you don’t have to and I collect the best links here.

This week has been hard here in The Tiny Cottage. My husbands mother entered hospice and was given 2 weeks to 2 months to live. Everyone goes, but it never gets easier. Love to you an yours. Hold them close.

unexpected success // Elizabeth Gilbert shares her story so beautifully.

rethinking your emails // This is a great free email course from Open.

the skill you need // This is the skill you need to cultivate and one that I’m seriously working at getting better at.

don’t be like her // The heiress to Bloomingdales is a jerk. (It was still fun to read.)

blogging // My blogging board is crazy good.

Are you following me on Pinterest? You totally should be.

fail // this is a must read for mom’s with girls.

an amazing thing is happening in my little town // parents of littles in Northwest Arkansas need to check this out.

yikes // I write for Huffington Post and, well, that might not be a great thing.

Plus, #NWARKCARES launched this week and I am psyched!

loved // this video this week.

xo – Jacqueline – who is working on the launch of her online goal setting course and NEW Get Goals Retreat in January!

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