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Instagram Retail Marketing

The Magic Formula of Hashtags for Instagram

Secret Instagram hashtag formula I was on Twitter the other day when my friend, Anne Parris, tweeted that the optimal number of hashtags for Instagram was 11. She was at Affiliate Summit in a session and we chatted a bit about it until she went to another session. Follow Anne, she is a smart cookie.

11 Hashtags for Instagram Posts

Why 11? After our convo via Twitter I wanted to do some more research and test it out. Buffer says:

Instagram is another hotspot for hashtags, and the good news for those who love to extensively tag photos is that there doesn’t seem to be a saturation point.

Interactions are highest on Instagram posts with 11+ hashtags.

A rule of thumb could be: Don’t sweat your amount of Instagram hashtags.

Limits to Hashtags?

Well, you can only post 30 in your initial caption. You can put 30 more in each comment after, but that might be a little too many.

Friday Fun! Working on my blog content calendar for the month. I use a Passion Planner, Post It Notes and a Sharpie to lay out what I want to focus on each day and throughout the month on my blog. Creating content everyday is my goal for the remainder of 2015 and my blog is a big part of that. Are you creating content everyday? Blog posts, Instagram posts, tweets, Facebook posts, Periscopes, YouTube videos, email newsletters? All of it counts towards helping you brand your business and help your potential customers understand that you are an expert in your field. Having a plan helps tremendously. Winging it everyday, not so much! #plannergirl #planneraddict #plannernerd #planner #goals #calendar #PostItToDo #ToDo #blogging #content #writer #creative #businessinspiration #marketingpro #entrepreneur #success #marketingtips #dogoodwork #branding #keynote Brands tagged.

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How To Easily Add Hashtags?

I have a note on my iPhone that is called Hashtags. I have added hashtags under subjects that I post about often.

Goals: #plannergirl #planneraddict #plannernerd #planner #gettoworkbook #planner #plannerlove #goals #getthingsdone #makeithappen #calendar #PostItToDo #ToDo #JustDoIt  #DontQuit #NeverQuit #NoLimits #hustle #workhard #inspiration #determination #motivation #dreambig #success


Simple Living: #simpleliving #livebetter #simple#happy #lessismore #minimalism #KonMari #cottageliving #tinyhouse #simplicity #liveauthentic #ozarks #backtotheland #realsimple #slowliving
Marketing: #businessinspiration #marketingpro #entrepreneur #success #marketingtips #hustle #workhard #dogoodwork #onlinemarketing #wordpress #branding #keynote
When I post a photo I can quickly go to my note and copy and paste the hashtags.
How to Research Hashtags for Instagram

One place to find comparable hashtags is hashtagify.me. It allows you to put in a hashtag that you want to use and gives you others that are used in conjunction with it. Plus the interface is kind of fun. hashtags data by hashtagify.me

Another option is Google+ /Exlpore, but this awesome tool might disappear soon. Put your most used hashtag themes in now to get your list that you can use for a while. Given that we know that Google is shutting the door on G+ any minute!
My Experiment with Hashtags on Instagram
I have been using Instagram for quite some time, but never with any real brand intention. It was just where I showed my life as it was unveiled. I realized (a big Aha!) that I was wasting this really powerful social media tool by not spending the right energy, time and focus on it for my brand. Last week I started posting things that are more relevant to my brand and adding using the magic formula of 11+ hashtags and I have seen really positive results.
Instagram Post Research
Old Instagram Post
Instagram Post Research
New Instagram Posting Style
Instagram Post Research
NEW Instagram Posting Style

That is a pretty significant jump. I’m not a lifestyle brand with pictures of fashion, pretty parties, or other things that catch the eye of Instagram lovers so I have to be a little creative in my posts. The challenge is fun and I’m excited to see if I can get better at this.

xo – Jacqueline, who believes that we all have the power to learn new things and if you are on Instagram you can follow me here.

A little hashtag humor with two of my favorite people: Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake (and Quest Love!)  

True Words: A Round Up of What I Found to be True This Week

Stay True As part of my year I am exploring what is True to me as my One Little Word. This is some of the good stuff that I found this week that I want to share with you.

Live Simply

This post from Karen Maezen Miller about fear just really spoke to me. Isn’t fear something we all experience. Big ones and little ones.

Work Smarter

Retail and Instagram is a no-brainer. Doing it right is often the question. Here are some great tips from Social Media Examiner.

I am teaching a number of free and inexpensive courses online in the coming months. All good for personal and professional development. Go sign up. You will be happy you did.

On the Personal Side

I’m honored to be a new contributor to The Huffington Post. I’m also writing some more personal things over on Medium if you are into that kind of thing.

I am extremely proud to be speaking to the Arkansas Retired Teachers Association via AARP on Risk Taking and the Cherokee Nation on Brand Development in the next several weeks. Need a speaker? Let me know what you are looking for and I’d love to see if I would be a good fit.

Do Good. Be Great.

P.S. I send awesome other stuff that you might need to make your life a little simpler and your work a little smarter. You might want to check that out.

Photo Credit: My beautiful friend Terra brought me this in a patch from Kansas City… it arrived by mail one afternoon and just was so sweet. Friends matter people. They really do.