I give myself permission to be a beginner manifesto from http://jacquelinewolven.com I have short changed my life. Yep. I have and I want to stop doing it right now and I want you to stop short changing yours. What am I doing that is so wrong? I am not allowing myself to be a beginner.

The World of Perfect

With social media we are all experts at everything (that was with a very dry wit). We come out of the womb ready to model and play violin like Joshua Bell. We bake amazing cakes that look like the team at Martha’s made them. We have all the right moves at Zumba, Tango class, or Tai Chi. We have it going on!

At least that is what everyone shows the world and so those of us (and it is EVERYBODY) who want to try something new are intimidated by the prospect of making terrible things, looking ridiculous, or just not getting whatever it is quickly. That, my dears, is what practice is all about.

In order to bring new concepts, ideas, projects, and skills into our lives and businesses we need to be willing to suck. That’s right. We aren’t always going to start something and instantly get it and that is ok. It is ok to be awkward. It is ok to sound terrible, make awful things, and look silly. That is what trying looks like.

Me, Being a Beginner

Here is my first stop motion film. I made my husband watch it 5 times. Hey, if you came over from Instagram! Welcome!


Treat Ourselves Like We Are Learning to Walk

Think about toddlers that are learning to walk. They don’t just get up one day, lace on their kicks and race out the door. They fall. A lot. They get up and fall again. We think they look adorable because they are learning. We praise them for every single step they take. We cheer them on when they get up after falling for the 905th time. We know they are beginners and we love them for it.

We Have to Be Willing to Be a Beginner

  Give yourself permission to make terrible things. (Baked goods, soups, ceramics, paintings…)   Give yourself permission to look silly in front of others. Dance, run, canoe, ride a bike, ice skate – whatever it is.   Give yourself permission to take the time to learn a new skill.   Give yourself permission to not know how to do something and the grace to understand that you can learn. When you allow yourself the grace to just be a beginner you might actually learn something new. When we don’t try new things because we don’t want to look stupid we are shutting our potential down. Sure, your first or 500th effort might be awful. That is ok. Just keep working at it. You are opening up your life to new, rich experiences and becoming a smarter, more interesting person. Isn’t that why we are here? Not to stay frozen in fear, but to experience life.

Be a beginner and show the world it is ok to start at step one. I’ll be cheering you all along the way!

Sign the Beginner Manifesto – Yes! I’m willing to be a beginner!  

xo – Jacqueline, who believes that she just hasn’t found her Olympic sport yet, but she will keep trying!

I have a Pinterest board for people who would like to learn to meditate – probably the thing people ask me about most (after marketing advice)! We are ALL beginners when we meditate. Even me after 20+ years! Follow along to get advice, inspiration, and tools to begin!   Follow Jacqueline Wolven’s board Learning to Meditate on Pinterest.

3 Comments on Sign the Beginners Manifesto and Get a Better Life

  1. Grace Grits and Gardening
    August 10, 2015 at 12:08 pm (2 years ago)

    I can so relate to this! As someone who completely started over in a new career with zero experience, it’s a humbling yet freeing thing.

  2. Delta Moxie
    August 10, 2015 at 4:59 pm (2 years ago)

    Excellent! I’m a beginner and I’ve signed the manifesto.

    • Jacqueline Wolven
      August 11, 2015 at 10:09 am (2 years ago)

      Yes! That is the way to embrace life! Jacqueline


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