We are all stars thanks toBoom. I watched several hours of Periscope broadcasts, “scopes”, and I decided to jump in and just do it.

Do what? Periscope is an app for you phone (both iOS and Android) that allows you to live broadcast from wherever you are. There are people attaching their phones to a surf board and taking you for a ride, talking heads telling you how to use Periscope, walks down city streets, interviews from the back of Uber rides and everything else that you can imagine.

It’s like dropping into a million different locations worldwide at your fingertips. Wild, right?

Me? I’m sharing morning coffee and a business or simple living tip. Nothing big, just a quick moment to share something you might not know.

Download my 10 Periscope Tips to Get Started – for small businesses, bloggers, makers and entrepreneurs. My best tip is to video yourself using your camera’s phone the first time and watch it to see what you would improve. Doing your own test before you broadcast live might make you feel more confident. I know it did for me!


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