kindfulness It’s time to share my One Word: Kindfulness. I unveiled it to my newsletter list this week and the Do Good Work Facebook group. After really thinking about what I want to unveil next year this mashup of a word kept coming back and it feels right. I have sat mediation for over 25 years and I need to take that off the cushion into real life. The timing seems right.

About Kindfulness

What is this mashup word? It is a mix of Kindness and Mindfulness. It is where I try to gather myself together to be present and be kind in real time. Most situations need more kindness not more angst. My tendency as an INFJ on the Meyers Briggs is to tighten up and my heart gets a little harder and a little colder. That isn’t healthy for me or for those around me. I don’t want to pretend everything is a-ok when it isn’t, but I want to be clear with my words and actions in a kind manner. Not fake, but not mean. Kindful.

Mindful Kindness in Action

What does it look like to be mindfully kind?

  • Gathering myself together when I enter a room/meeting/am with someone and being truly present.
  • Listening more than talking and when I am talking I am conscious of my words.
  • Giving more than taking.
  • Being aware of my own energy and what I am bringing to the table.
  • When frustrated, dealing with my own fear/anger/shit about it before unleashing it on the world.
  • Less venting.

Work It

The whole idea of the One Word only works if you actually work it. Picking the word isn’t the hard part. Remembering it is part of your world for the year is actually harder. This year instead of monthly themes/ideas using the word I am focusing on a quarterly dive.

  • January/February/March: Words – how Kindfulness works through my words
  • April/May/June: Actions – how Kindfulness works through my actions
  • July/August/September: Stories – gathering/creating stories of kindfulness
  • October/November/December: Amplification – boosting kindfulness into my world

I’m excited to dive in and continue to share how this One Word manifests itself during the course of the year in my work and personal life. Join the Do Good Work group if you want to be on this action for your own life!

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