Everything you have ever wanted, is I’ve been quietly launching new ideas and communities for a while and I realized that I should talk about them. Because, miracle of miracles, you might want to be part of them. You will; they’re awesome.


This free Facebook group has been going on for some time and has a small cadre of committed folks that create and share their personal challenges every month. The variety is amazing. One person is trying to stay hydrated, another is making art, someone once just tried to clear their kitchen table every night.

The group shakes us up out of the mundane and living on autopilot. We create small incremental, almost micro-changes, in our lives and share them.

I’ve seen people feel like they made a real difference to their business (by doing a little accounting each day), health (by eating vegetables seven times a day) and their lives (in so many awesome ways).

You can join us, we would love to have you. No big commitment. One small thing that you do each day for 30 days to make your life just a little bit better.

Create Content Every Day

As bloggers, marketers, business owners, nonprofit directors we know that the world is noisy with everyone else’s story. Sometimes we wonder if creating content of our own is even worth it.

It is.

The numbers speak for themselves. My blog numbers jump to triple digits each day I actually post content and if I do that every single day it just grows and grows. There is momentum. Plus, Gary says to do it and so does Guy and George is doing it,too – it’s the right thing to do for your business, blog and organization.

But it’s hard.

You lose track. You lose focus. You aren’t sure what to share and what to push out. You get lost in reading (comparing) everyone else’s content. I get it. I’ve totally been there. Heck, I was there last month.

So, a Free Facebook group was born. Join us. Be accountable to someone else and learn to be accountable to yourself. Grow your content day after day. I promise it will work. Really.


I have wanted to do an advice column for a long time. I get stopped on the street, in the grocery story, sent emails an texts with questions about how to do social media better, where to buy ads, how to focus, how to set goals, how to deal with shitty people, how to negotiate a better salary, how to play the corporate game, how to stop playing the corporate game – you name it – and people ask.

I don’t mind answering people’s questions, but I think it is kind of a waste to share the answer with just one person. So, I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I had a forum to just share with everyone?

A free email series was born. It launches today. I’m excited.

I don’t know everything. Heck, I’m far from knowing everything, but I do have 20+ years of experience in marketing and I’ve lived a pretty amazing life with a zillion different experiences. Plus, I like to share stuff I know if I think it might help.

You can join the email list and if you want to submit a question it will tell you how. Nothing is off limits and if I don’t know something, I totally plan on asking other experts the answer. Life is too short to not seek answers and ask questions.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to behind the scenes. I’m also working on painting people’s Instagram photos (I’ll share about that another time), working on branding for my husbands company and an amazing spa, developing a nonprofit arm of Northwest Arkansas Bloggers, and raising a puppy that is all teeth. It’s fun around here!

xo- Jacqueline – who believes life is made to create new things!

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