Me and the Monks If I were to name three things that have significantly helped me in my work life I would say:
  • The Post It Note To Do List – my current #30DayChallenge
  • Developing a Morning Routine – a total work in progress!
  • Meditation

Something I don’t discuss often is the fact that I have been meditating for over 20 years. I learned from extremely punk rock progressive Catholic nuns. Really. In March I received dharma transmission in the lineage of Thich Nhat Hanh. It was kind of big deal. Really, really.

I realized recently though that if it is one of my Top 3 Things that make my business and life hum why don’t I talk about it more often? In fact, every single conference I have attended in the last five years has included someone (or many someones) asking how to meditate. People want to have clarity, peace of mind, and a sense of calm – all things that meditation can bring to you.

Over the next several weeks (who knows, maybe months) I will share weekly tips, tools and aspects of my meditation practice because I want you to have all the top things that I have (even if you aren’t sure about using them yet.) If you have a question, remember you can always #AskJackieAnything. I’m happy to answer.

Sand Mandala

Today’s Good Zen Tip:

When the phone rings breathe in and breathe out before you answer it. That’s it. That simple tip will allow you to make space for whatever is going to come through the other end. I told you I would share simple tips and I mean it. I’m not talking about silent meditation retreats for days on end (although that is totally a possibility if you are into it). I’m going to share about how I use meditation in my everyday life and how you can to. So… breathe before answering.

Namaste – Jacqueline, who believes that mediation is as simple as a breath in and out.

Note: The monks in the photos are creating a sand mandala in the Basin Park Hotel in downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I LOVE my small town! If you like small towns and simple living you can follow me on Instagram.

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