Professional Encourager I’m looking for a league of professional encouragers. Women and men who would be willing to wear The Encouragement League badge and to set up shop in coffee shops around the nation with a sign letting people know that you are there to give encouragement.

I want a League of men and women to lift people up. Cheer people on. Help people feel good about themselves and their lives. Small things and big things. I want them to understand that complimenting a woman’s hair that day could have a profound effect on how she does her job and her mood when she is making dinner for her family.

This may seem silly and unnecessary, but we are eating each other up. We are becoming a people who sits silently by or who actively knocks down. I don’t want to be one of those people and I know there are others out there that want to be part of a movement of people who see possibilities and progress instead of poor choices and politics.

How Does The League Work or How To Be A Professional Encourager?

One day a month (Facebook Group To Come) we will go into our respective cafes in our towns and we will set up a mini shop (ask permission of the manager/owner) with a little sign (will be provided in the Facebook Group or you can make your own) where we will give free encouragement to those that ask or sit with us. We aren’t there to fix their problems (lord knows we have enough of our own), understand the intricacies of their businesses, or manage their relationships. Instead, we are there to share our encouragement for their ideas, their hair, and their cute shoes.

Encouraging Others Is the League Shallow?

No. The science backs this up. People who have been observed and/or listened to and receive encouragement perform better at work (and I assume life). It also improves sports ability (coaches should listen the next time they want to yell at a player). I realize that some people don’t think that everyone should get a gold star for everything they do. That’s ok. I’ll encourage them, too, because life isn’t easy and having someone cheer you along could make your day just a little better.

An Experiment and An Accidental Win

Last week I spent one day being really nice. Overly nice, for me. I complimented a grocery store checker on her hair. I told someone else that their eyeliner was amazing. I wrote a congratulatory email to someone who had a big win. Did they feel better? I think so. The woman with the eyeliner walked with her head a little higher and the reply email I got said it made her day that someone noticed. What really changed, though, was me. I felt better. In that same day I got two shitty emails, there was a frustrating op ed in the paper, and the national election is still going on – but putting on a lens of kindness and encouragement made all of it ok.

Join the League

Be part of the rare breed of Encouragers. We will do monthly actions of encouragement and on September Twelfth we will celebrate National Encouragement Day (It’s a thing)! I need an encourager in every corner of the US and globally. So sign up. Be part of the team. Let’s shape a movement that helps people feel good about what they are doing and how they are doing it. Honestly, you will feel great. Let’s do this!

Have suggestions? Tell me about them! I want to know how you think this could work.

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  1. Megan
    March 8, 2016 at 6:52 pm (1 year ago)

    With a staff of ten to manage and three kids, I don’t want to do any more encouraging. But, Eureka Market patio would be a most welcome place for an encourager to hang out.


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