Life isn’t meant to be rushed, cluttered or filled with things you don’t want to do. Really. The idea of taking life on the slow lane might seem crazy or undoable; you might not be able to take the leap we did from corporate America to small town life and I get that. You can make real changes in your life to slow down, live simply and experience stripped down joy.

Start small.

  • Start a 30 Day Challenge to build new habits. I facilitate a free Facebook group that, if you would like to test the idea of simplicity, might be the perfect place to begin.
  • Get rid of 100 things. Every year I remove 100 things in one month from my home. You would think after all these years I wouldn’t have 100 things to give or throw away. Nope. Stuff creeps in when you aren’t looking.
  • Learn mindfulness. It doesn’t matter what your faith tradition is to experience the peace and kindness towards yourself that a mindfulness practice offers. I can offer easy guidelines to you or your group – wherever you are. I’ve been practicing for over 20 years and know that it changes my life for the better.
  • Dance. Even if you just dance for 5 minutes a day! Smiling and joy are spontaneous with dancing – it just happens.
  • Let’s make a date to get to know one another. Do you want to connect off line or on a Google hangout? Let’s build a real relationship in real life (IRL). I’m up for that! Because I know that is where the slow and simple magic happens.



I’ve been featured in Real Simple, Tiny Buddha and am a regular contributor to LifeHack. A friend said that my life is the poster child for Real Simple and I guess she is right. We live in a 600 square foot cottage across a low water bridge in the Ozark Mountains – you can’t get simpler than this. I believe in home cooked meals, quality time with people, and shutting down the screens.

Life isn’t about rushing. I’m a mom before the dot com and I didn’t have as many distractions pulling me a way from what matters – family, friends and diving deeply into what you are passionate about.

Let’s slow down.
You can rock your business world, your family life, your home without subscribing to the cult of speed. It may seem impossible, but I offer the constant reminder that there is another way. You can be connected without ignoring the people around you. You can enjoy the simple stuff. As scary as it might seem you can slow down and feel great doing it.

Let’s make things easier.
Systems, organization, tools and tricks can make everything easier. Need help making a meal plan, setting your to do priorities, stepping away from social without getting disconnected. I do that here. Follow along on the blog or reach out if you need help making your hard life easier.