I don't care what you are doing. I'm too

I had this revelation last night in the bath – I know, there is something about water that lets you ruminate in a way that you don’t normally. Anyway, I realized that I don’t care what you are doing. I don’t care where you are going. I don’t care who you are with. I don’t care.

Well, I do, but I am stopping right now.

Here’s the thing. We see all the shiny stuff that everyone puts out and they are doing amazing things. I love that. I really do, but sometimes the pity party monster or the green headed monster of jealousy (both horrible creatures) comes to play while I’m noticing what you are doing. I lose focus of the work that I am doing. Worse, I lose the value of the work that I’m doing.

I often think about Leonardo DiVinci, my total idol, and wonder what he would have done in the wake of all this information. Personally, I think he would have continued to dig up graves and work late in the night formulating his own personal flight suit. He just had so many of his own ideas that he didn’t have time worrying about what the other guy was doing. He didn’t even look up. He couldn’t. There was to much to do.

We are the same as Leo. We have too much to do to spend our hours scrolling through the sparkly things that other people are doing.

So, go on and do great things. I’m just not going to be noticing. If you really want me to pay attention – connect directly – there is something awesome about two people sharing what is amazing in their lives and I’m totally open to that. In the meantime – go get busy and stop looking at what other people are doing.

Do Good. Be Great.

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