AnnieDillardQuote I’m headed to #TCOYOS this weekend – a weekend retreat with 5 women who get together to work on their own projects, relax, and laugh for extended periods of time. We were twerking at #TCOYOS before it was a thing… we’re those women. We even have printed shirts.

Seriously, it is a weekend that happens four times a year. We rent a VRBO, split the meals (I always do Saturday breakfast and I always do the same thing), come prepared to get a lot done and leave supercharged. The hashtag, by the way, means Take Care of Your Own Shit. There isn’t anyone here who is going to take care of you or your stuff while you are here, but we will gather for meals to check in on the progress we are all making.

We have had women shoot product shots for their Etsy store, sew quilts, make baskets, read, write books, develop websites, blog, create e-courses, nap… whatever it is that you need to do. You bring it and you take care of it.

My goals for this weekend: work on a webinar and possible email course, work on the book I’m writing (What? Yep, writing a book.) meditate, draw,  and create a three month plan. Oh and if I can fit it in take a bunch of photos with the REAL camera.

I’m psyched and I’ll see you on the other side of the weekend.

xo- Jacqueline, who believes that every woman should carve out time to leave the daily grind behind and work on their own shit.

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