Stop wasting time in meetings and download a free meeting note template from @JackieWolven Part of adulting is going to meetings. You just can’t get away from them. Even if you are just going to meet with your kids teacher it is a meeting! Not all meetings are great, but what’s worse is going to a meeting and not knowing/remembering/understanding what you are supposed to do afterwards.

Let’s repeat this – if you don’t know what your action items are after a meeting the meeting was a  bust. Yes, some meetings are informational, but that is, frankly, a waste of time. You should be called to a meeting to be part of an action.

But this isn’t about that. This is about my system for taking better meeting notes. These aren’t notes that you would take if you were secretary, that is also a whole other thing. These are notes that you take during the meeting for your own personal record.

Why Should You Take Notes During a Meeting

It helps keep you focused. Instead of wondering what you should have for dinner or fiddling around on Facebook. (I know, you would never do that.) The opportunity to disengage, especially in a large group or an uninteresting meeting (they happen) is just to easy and this tool allows you to concentrate on the business at hand.

You talk less. This isn’t a problem if you are an introvert and never say anything in a meeting, but I have game show syndrome (yes, I made that up) and I feel the need to answer every question. I’m working on it… because really, who wants to hear from me all the time? If I am taking notes I concentrate on my tasks and responsibilities and not just talking to be heard. (I said, I’m working on it.) It also derails side conversations which are the bane of anyone trying to lead a meeting.

You know what to do after the meeting. I can’t stress that this is the most frustrating thing ever. To go to a meeting and not understand what you were assigned, volunteered for or were just required to do. You leave thinking you have it, but when you get back to your desk or the next day you have no idea what it was that you were supposed to do. ARGH! That is the worst. Taking notes with my easy to use form alleviates that. You know who to connect with, what your tasks are, and who the key players were that you can circle back to if need be.

Intrigued? Download my easy to use Free Meeting Notes Printable and take it to your next meeting and see if you are more productive during and, most importantly, after the meeting.

xo – Jacqueline, who believes that working together does make life better, but everyone better know what they are supposed to do!

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