Nothing is impossible, the word itself

I’ve been sifting through productivity tools for a long time to test what really works. I want to help you find what will make your life and work run smoothly to be focused on what you are supposed to do. Life is short.

Learn to Meditate

I’ve been meditating for over 20 years and it works to add an element of calm into your life that you are probably missing. I will be adding ongoing ways to add meditation into your work and life.

Releasing phone anxiety with one simple tip.

Books to help you learn how to meditate or further you practice.

Free Email Marketing 60 Day Trial

Are you ready to leave the monkey behind and try Constant Contact? I can help you with that. I’ve been using Constant Contact for 7 years for clients and my own list. It is easy, SPAM proof, and converts to sales 40 times faster than any other social media platform. Get a Free 60 Day Trial now (no credit card needed) and see how easy it is to use.

Not sure how to use Email Marketing for your business? Download this guide to getting started with email marketing. (Great tips!)

Free Downloads

Get things done with a to do list that works! Download the free to do printable.

Take better meeting notes whether you are on the phone or in person! Download the free meeting note printable.

10 tips to getting started on Periscope. Curious about live broadcasting on I read and researched everything I could find to bring you this beginners guide to using the app for your blog, business, or small town!

Who is your ideal customer? You can’t market if you don’t know. This easy, free ideal customer worksheet will help you figure that out in 30 minutes.

Organize your project tasks! This template allows you to have ever growing programs with many, many tasks. Download the free project planning printable.

Do you blog? Keeping an editorial calendar is extremely helpful to creating content everyday. Download the free blog editorial calendar template.

Is your social media working? Download this free sheet to keep track of your growth and your goals for your social media accounts.

Need to keep track of your social media stats? Download this free monthly sheet to stay focused on your goals for social!

Free Groups

Get some accountability with a Free #30DayChallenge Facebook group to help you achieve small micro goals in 30 days!

Own a business? Write a blog? Are you a writer? You have to create and push out content every single day on one of your channels. Does that sound daunting? Join the Free Create Content Everyday in 2015 Facebook Group to help you hold yourself accountability.

Are you a Northwest Arkansas Blogger? You can join the #NWARKBloggers group, join us for meet-ups and be part of the local community.

Set up a Blog

Are you ready to begin blogging? Using to host your site, buy your domain and get your WordPress site up and running couldn’t be easier. Plus, it’s only $3.95 a month! This is what I recommend in ALL off my workshops and classes. Start here to have your blog up in 5 minutes and if you need help let me know.

Need a Resource?

Do you need something to make your life simple and your work smarter? Ask and I’ll see what we can do to make that happen.

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