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First off: My friend and amazing librarian wrote to me on Facebook asking how I plan larger projects. And in her words she said the first thing she thought of was WWJD? That’s right. What would Jacqueline do? Isn’t that the best?

Here is her dilemma: “Do you have a favorite way of keeping track of a bigger project that takes several months to complete? I ask you because I think we’re a lot alike in that I’m constantly searching for better, more efficient ways to get more stuff done. I use evernote to keep track of certain things and I love it, but it’s not a great to-do list for me. I’ve been planning the summer programs on a legal pad with the first few sheets as to-do lists and subsequent pages as detailed lists for the children, teen and adult programs. But then I have to leave like 12 pages between each list because I need to expand. It’s also gotten messy. lots of crossing out and writing between lines. So I guess I need something not bound.”

There are three steps organizing all of the pieces of a project:

  • The first is to use a Project Planner sheet that you download on this page.
  • This is where you list all the tasks in no order, but that need to get done. This is the big scary list of things to do. There are areas for who the primary contact is and when each task is due. The truth is that every project is just a list of tasks.
  • I keep these project pages on a clipboard, but they would work in a binder or loose. The key is that some projects may have 10 project planner sheets. That is ok. You can grow it as things come up.

The key is to actively use the project list. You take the massive project list and each night you move things from the project list to your to do list. The goal is to capture it all on the Project List and the To Do list is where you work off of each day.

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A note about Excel: You can do ALL of this in Excel. I just KNOW that I like paper. I like writing stuff down and crossing it off. I WANT to use an all electronic version of something, but I never do. I always come back to lists on actual paper. But if Excel works for you, it is the same principal.

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