I resisted the editorial calendar for a long time. I’m not publishing a magazine, I thought. I don’t need that kind of structure. I can write a post a day without having a list. Ha! No way. If you are committed to posting on a regular schedule having, using and keeping a Blog Editorial Calendar is the right tool.

I was convinced by my daughter who started blogging recently, every single day, and she started the entire process using a blog editorial calendar. It is impressive. It doesn’t matter if you are writing a lifestyle blog, marketing, small business, food blog or anything else you have dreamed up. The way you get traffic to your site is by consistently posting.

How to use my Free Blog Editorial Calendar:

Blog Editorial CalendarPut in the dates. Fill in the month, year and dates for the entire month. Tip, download 12 and keep them clipped together to jot down ideas for the entire year.

Editorial Blog CalendarAssign a blog category. A blog category are the topics that you are going to write blog posts about all month (year) long. Think about using topics that are specific, but give you a lot of room to add great content.

Editorial Blog CalendarAdd a weekly theme. This helps you to create filler blog posts around a certain idea. If you are a DIY blogger your theme could be colors, you could use Motto’s of the Week, or you could have the theme be values if you are a mommy blogger.

Editorial Blog CalendarFill in your Daily Blog Post Title/Idea. This is where you write what you are specifically going to write about for that day. If you change your mind, just write the new post down in the box. This is a great way of keeping a record of what you are doing on the blog week to week and month to month.

I’d love to see photos of YOUR blog editorial calendar filled out! Post yours to Instagram and tag me: @jackiewolven an #DoGoodWork and I’ll share your inspiration!

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  1. alexa
    March 18, 2014 at 6:38 pm (3 years ago)

    Loved this tip. i am going to use it.


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