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Business Goals – A MidYear Review

Business Goals Review It’s the halfway mark – JULY, can you believe it – and time to look at where we are with our business goals that we set in January. (If you didn’t set any. don’t fret, you can totally jump on the goal bandwagon now to put your business on track. Here is a recap of my business goals and how I’m doing so far this year. To be honest – not great on all fronts – let’s dive in to how I can get this back on track.

My Business Goals for 2016 (and where I might need to make some adjustments)

Speak at 6 New Events – I have done pretty great with this. I have done 3 new things and have 2 in the pipeline. I just need one more to stay on track. Honestly, though, this should have been – speak at 6 new paying events. I get asked to speak a lot. A lot. And most of the time they can’t afford to pay me, but now, because of my time/experience I need to ask for a base to at least cover travel and time. I don’t sell from the front of the room (probably something I am missing) and am just sharing my expertise and working things out live with the audience – they ask amazing questions and I try to provide honest, clear solutions. So. This goal for 2017 will just be changed a bit. Momma’s got to pay for gas to get there! I have loved speaking at the Bentonville Chamber of Commerce, Retired Teachers of Maryland, Northwest Arkansas PRSA, Main Street Now Conference with two sessions this year. Next up I have Megaphone and the Creative Exchange Conference – both, I am psyched about. Status: Pretty good.

Finish Book – Oh goodness. This has not happened. And so I am putting myself on task to complete this in the next 13 weeks. That’s right. I will be writing and finishing by October. I’ve created a “Chalkboard Method from Being Boss Podcast” board that is next to my desk to keep me on track. One chapter a week on Relentless Authenticity. If I can keep this in focus – like actually see if I am doing it chapter by chapter – I can get this done. Status: Whew, doggie, this one is full steam ahead.

Find an Agent – Well, I have my sights on an agent I’d like to work with, but I haven’t approached them because the book isn’t done. October. I’ll be reaching out in October. Status: Obviously, on hold until I finish the book.

4 New Passive Income Products – Nope. Hasn’t happened. I know that people are creating products all over the internet. My own free Do Good Meeting Notes has been downloaded over 10,000 times. 10,000 times. Seriously crazy number. BUT have I created a product for sale? No. Partially because I hate the idea of selling courses. Everyone is selling you something all the time and it is exhausting. I would love to talk to someone about what the right products for my expertise would be… anyone? Anyone? Status: Need help.

12 Guest Posts/Interviews – I did one podcast and a guest post and then it I stopped looking at this. My goal now has changed a bit to 6 Huffington Post articles or Guest Posts. HuffPo gives me tons of traffic and it would be good to focus there a bit. Guests posts or interviews do to some extent. I may rethink all of this in 2017. Status: Reconfigured.

Find a Mentor – I have reached out to a mentorship group in Northwest Arkansas and there is a workshop I’d love to take, except it is out of my price point, so I am still looking. I have also let my needs known to a small group of friends if they know of anyone. Status: Working on this.

Build Reputation/Relationships – This kind of coincides with a personal goal that I have. I am having coffee dates each month and so on my goal poster I have added six spots to track if I am keeping up with this. I truly believe the energy we spend one on one with people is valuable and although I protect my time/energy I want to extend it regularly to grow my own reputation and build relationships. Stats: Yep. This is good.

Build Webinars – 2 a Month – so this is off track because the program that I used through Constant Contact where I got paid to do them has changed dramatically. I stopped doing them essentially. I have a TREMENDOUS one on Goal Setting that I’m thinking of offering quarterly and a monthly Facebook Live where you ask me your social media questions and I, rapid fire, give answers. Just like I do in live sessions. Status: Thinking this through.

Be Open to Possibilities – I have been and am still am. I have had a tremendous branding client walk into my work life. I am now doing the creative design for some beautiful regional furniture design centers, and I have the opportunity to coach an artist on growing her social game. It’s been a tremendous year so far and I’m still open to new opportunities. Status: Off the charts amazeballs.

Why Aren’t More of These Met?

Well. Honestly. They were tucked away on my goal board on one tiny post it note and they didn’t get the same attention that my personal goals had that I saw, in my face, every single time I sat at my desk. That consistent viewing of my personal goals has over half of them completed… and my poor business goals lacking due to not seeing them. We do what we focus on. I know that and am making my business goals HUGE and visible in my studio.

Let’s finish this year out strong and get my goals back on track. If you are struggling with yours – now you know you aren’t alone. Take the time to look at your initial intentions for the year or make a few for the end of the year. You don’t need a million goals – maybe, in fact, you just have one. Work that goal to the end of the year and finish the year with a bang!

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3 articles to review your personal goals (it’s half way through the year!), answer your social media questions (from a talk I gave at the Northwest Arkansas Chapter of the Public Relations Association (join them if you are in communications/marketing), and how Facebook sucks – yep, I had to say it.


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Ask Jackie Anything: Questions from a Recent Social Media Talk

Ask Jackie Anything PR Questions I spoke last week at the Northwest Arkansas Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America during a social media talk – answering questions as they got lobbed at me from the super smart folks in the room. I thought I would relay what those smarty pants were thinking about and how you could apply it to your business, organization or destination.

We’ve been doing pretty traditional (newspaper) marketing for our nonprofit, but I’m thinking of expanding it what would you do online? The ONLY thing to consider is WHO is your target market. I work with clients to figure out exactly who they want to experience their product, company or destination. Drill down on who they are, what do they drive, where do they go, what music do they like – we name them and have fun with this. Then when you have your target customer then you can figure out where to be online.

Are you trying to attract young people? Get on Snapchat. Are you appealing to women, artists and mom’s? Get on Instagram. Do you want to reach a lot of people through sharp targeting? Use Facebook. Looking to go into music streaming? See if Pandora or Spotify will do a small ad run with your organization to test it out.

The big deal is don’t do ALL of the things. Do the things that your target customer would be doing.

How would you navigate an Instagram take over? Well, our Main Street does these with TRUSTED partners on the regular. If I was a large corporation I would do one of two things: I would have a shadow from corporate help a store manager or other trusted partner post on Instagram by working together OR I would have them send them by text quickly to be approved before posting. All of that said, there would be a conversation and understanding of the TYPE of things that you are looking for on the account. Just think HOW powerful it would be to see the life of the folks that work for you or are part of your organization for 24 hours. Those real life moments are precious.

Alright, but what if something goes terribly wrong? Well. That can happen. Let’s be honest. Not everyone has your sense of humor, visual eye or wants to tell the stories that you want told. IF something terrible happens – delete it and post an apology immediately. Be real about it. Stuff happens.

How do you use Facebook groups? I am using Facebook groups to build teams and advocates. It is one the of STRONGEST platforms I’ve seen in a long time to get people talking, motivated and part of the bigger conversations. It doesn’t replace meetings, but it adds to the work that is being done in between meetings. It also is a great place to talk about specific ideas, projects, ask questions, crowdsource. Plus, you can do Facebook Live events right in the group that just are seen by the group. How cool is that!?

Those were just a few of the questions I answered. I HIGHLY recommend joining PRSA in your area if you job is related to communications (and if you are doing social it is). Looking for a speaker for your organization or conference? Email me. Let’s talk.

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