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My #9MagicGoals for 2017

#9MagicGoals It’s time. Goals. #9MagicGoals You know that I’m a big advocate for writing goals. Life is what you make it and by setting the intention to do something (anything) we are saying that we want to have a voice in how our lives go. I’ll write more and more about what goals are and answer any questions you might have, but let me dive into mine for 2017 – not to show off, but to keep myself accountable and show you what I’m thinking. If you get inspired join Do Good Work.

My 2017 Goals – The Magic 9

Sit 365 – #365DaysTogether

I’m joining over 37,000 people who use Insight Timer by committing to doing a meditation practice everyday. I use the app to time my meditations (they have nice bells) and I use some of the guided meditations (friend me there so we can cheer each other on). My commitment is to do it everyday – but that can be 3 minutes in the car, 15 minutes with a guided meditation, 20 minutes of lovingkindness or anything that works for that day. It isn’t about the length, but is instead about finding time to become present every single day for the year.

How hard will this be? I’m hoping that it is as easy as brushing my teeth (which I do 2-4 times a day), but figure when it gets busy or I’m just not that into it it will be like choosing a piece of fruit instead of a brownie hard.

Finish Writing the Book #FinishtheBook #WritingLife

Damn it. I started this journey of writing a book 18 months ago on being Relentlessly Authenic and this year it is getting it done. One hour a day, 5 days a week. I’ll be using this method to get my butt in the chair. I’m finishing, damn it.

How Hard? Obviously hard because I haven’t done it. Deep breath and just get to it hard.

Pitch 52 Ideas #Pitch52Ideas

I want to do new things and the only way I know to really make that happen and shake things out of the trees is to pitch them into the universe. I will be pitching articles to magazines, projects to people and organizations, speaking gigs, writing proposals for consultant work, book concepts – anything that I want to make happen. Some things will stick and others won’t. There will be lessons in learning to pitch better, how to craft my story better, how to price myself, how to pace myself and disappointment. I’m super excited about this BIG idea!

How hard? Not. I LOVE pitching new ideas. What is hard will be following through on the wins and dealing with the loses.

Celebrate All the Things #Celebrate

Since we don’t have little ones anymore in the house I stopped celebrating. We don’t toast the wins, cheer the successes or even observe the holidays much. This. Has. To. Change. Our capacity to find happiness in the everyday is directly in correlation to how we celebrate our lives. Party hats are happening and joy jar is getting dusted off.

How hard? Surprisingly, I think kind of hard. Like parallel parking on a slope in the rain hard without drivers assist in a stick shift. I forget to celebrate and that makes life pretty grinding.

Run 500 Miles #Run500Miles

I asked my husband if in a year I could run 100 miles. He said yes. It sounded easy. I humpfed off and came back singing I Will Run 500 Miles in my best one hit wonder Proclaimers voice. It’s cumulative throughout the year and is walk/run because I’m not crazy.

How hard? The most I can run right now is 1.6 miles so… bring it on!

Make Art Everyday #ArtEverday

I am doing the #DrawEverydayDrawEveryway book with my daughter and think that this won’t be that hard. I have found real love in sitting down and drawing, painting, and creating art from last year’s goal. I still have TONS of art supplies to go through. The reason for doing this isn’t to become a famous artist, but I know that creativity works best in all areas of my life if I am creative everyday. Ideas beget ideas.

How hard? Just have to make time and be fine when I have a little time and when I have just a few minutes to count it all.

Simply Simplify – Be Unjumbled

This one is a biggie. This is about redoing this website to be simpler, distilling my message and my offers. Simplifying my home, clothes, possessions. Creating a cadre of 15 meals that I can make without thinking. This includes really looking at my arrivals and departures – when I was explaining this last part to a friend this is what I shared, “both my personal things being a mess: where are the keys, how many bags do I really need to carry, can I leave unhurried, can I arrive calm… and my energy – what am I bringing into the room and how am I leaving. Is there clarity and a sense of calm/kindness or am I arriving like a wrecking ball and leaving like a tsunami? Arrivals and Departures – mindfully simple and unjumbled.”

How hard? This is ongoing. Refining who I am and pairing it all down. I’d say this is as hard as it was to create the perfect schedule in college. Remember? Not too busy, but not too relaxed. A mix of fun extras along with those dreaded core classes that were boring AF.

Document My Story – #ExperiencesNotThings #TellYourStory

This is about taking more photos, writing more stories, writing more poetry and noticing what is happening right now and documenting it. This is something I want to do to relish what I have created – my life – and not compare it to anyone else’s life. It is not my love language or my skill. I am doer not a documenter, but I want to add this to my life so much that I am making it a 100 day goal through The Finders by creating one letter sized paper to capture my day. I’ll be posting some of them on Instagram.

How hard? Super hard. I have a busy life (we all do) and making time to document instead of just do is like making me work without my right hand. It’s just not normal for me and I feel like I’m forcing myself up a giant Ozark craggy hill. I can do hard things, I am yelling, by the way.

Gather Together – Building Belonging

I want to intentionally get together with you, you and you. I want to have coffee, do a project together, develop a task force, form a group, bring together the tribe – whatever it is. This is part of my special sauce and this year I am focusing on it because we are better together.

How hard? Just remembering to make time for old and new friends.


I know that there are three magic things that need to happen to make your goals materialize.

  1. You have to make them – goals don’t just happen. You have to actually decide what you want to do, explore or have in your life.
  2. You have to proclaim them – the power of saying your goals out loud to other people will help you keep them present and you accountable.
  3. You have to work them – every. damn. day.

Let’s do this 2017. Let’s create life and work that is meaningful and broad. We can do hard things and make shit happen.


Stop Talking and Start Doing

Start Doing I cringe a little inside every time I hear myself talk about a project instead of just doing it. It’s like I’m releasing some of the pressure in my creative engine and it isn’t moving me or the idea forward. It is such a habit to TALK about a project instead of sitting my ass down and Start DOING the project. Do you have that?

Do you talk about doing yoga, but never get out the mat? Guilty.

Do you talk about writing that book, but you never actually put pen to the page? I’ve totally been guilty of this one.

Do you say you want to paint or draw, but you never get to the drawing pad? I’ve been guilty.

Are you a runner who never laces up their shoes? Guilty.

We all talk so much about what we want to do, but we, and I’m obviously guilty here too, don’t even get started. Work’s too busy. The kids need us (this includes all ages of kids, believe me). The floors need to be mopped. There’s something cool happening somewhere and we totally need to be there. A million reasons not to do the work. All real.

I think there are two immediate things we can do to change the tide and become makers instead of talkers:

Stop Talking and Start Doing – Every time you hear yourself start to talk about your newest idea or project you want to do just shut up. Seriously. Mid sentence.Until you get into the discipline (I know you don’t like that word. You wanted groove. But we are grownups and we could learn some discipline finally.) working on your projects and ideas make a promise to yourself that you won’t talk about it. When you talk about it you are releasing precious energy and tricking your mind into thinking you are working on it. You are not working on the project when you are talking about doing the project.

So, shut up until you’ve written 3 chapters, drawn 30 drawings, taken 100 photographs, gotten on your yoga mat 20 times, laced up your running shoes 15 times… These aren’t magic numbers – just suggestions – to allow the work you are doing and the discipline you are building to settle in your bones. You need to feel what it feels like to do it and not just talk about it.

2. Sneak In Time – I know the traditional advice is to schedule appointments with yourself, but let’s just be honest, you’re going to break those appointments. Every. Single. Time. I know that because I’ve broken mine.Instead, for a month, give yourself a goal and sneak time in to do what you want to do.

Get up early, go to bed later, do it during your lunch and take it with you and do it in the waiting room of the doctors office. 10 minutes here, 30 minutes there, you might not get a whole chapter written, but you could get half. You could sketch a design to paint tomorrow morning.You could snap a few photos on your evening walk. Each day committing to sneaking in some time will allow incremental progress to your goal.

Doing the work, unless you are throwing a pot on the wheel and the ghost of Patrick Swayze appears, isn’t sexy. There isn’t any glory in sitting your ass in a chair and scribbling across the page. You aren’t looking for glory right now. You’re doing the work to get the work done.

When I die I don’t want people to say, “she talked about doing things.” I want them to have experienced me working and my work. It’s my pledge to stop talking and start doing because that’s my real glory – having actually done something. Now. Get to work.

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