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8 of the Go To Marketing Blogs I Actually Read

Marketing Blogs I believe in continuing education (for everyone) and with that I read a number of branding, marketing or development blogs that you should read, too. Then we should go get coffee and talk about them. Even after 20 years I think it’s super important to keep you with new things in the field. These are some fun places I find relevant content that I share with clients and use in my own business.

  1. Braid Creative writes a great blog on creative and small business branding. They are blowing up the content lately on their blog, webinar series and podcast. If you have been in business for a while this is just as relevant to you as it is to the newbie.
  2. The Hubspot Marketing blog is pretty killer. They have great information that you can directly use in your own business. They are a go to for me on a weekly basis.
  3. I’ve been following Chris Brogan for a long time and he continues to write valuable, relevant pieces that help small businesses, online business and those looking to figure out what the heck they are doing.
  4. Paul Jarvis doesn’t write a blog. Instead he writes a Sunday Dispatch that I am super in love with and a bit jelly that I can’t get my shit together to do on a regular basis. He works with creatives and has really good things to say. Subscribe. You won’t regret it (except when you feel jealous of all that goodness.)
  5. I definitely didn’t attend an Ivy League school, but I read the Harvard Business Journal pretty religiously… because anyone can do that. This is good stuff, for free and without the weird secret clubs and hazing.
  6. Down to earth, practical and honest about how to get things done for your business belongs to the beautiful Marie Forleo. Her drive is amazeballs and her message is completely on point.
  7. I’ve been listening or reading Elise Joy before she had kids, a business selling Get To Workbook or was a sought after speaker. She is someone who does what she says and encourages you to too. Her podcast is a sweet reminder that business can have balance.
  8. Peg Fitzpatrick is my go to for social media marketing. She is smart, insightful, totally experienced (not just talking about it – DOING IT) and I get to meet her in September!!!

Alright, what am I missing? Who do you read in the marketing sphere that I should totally be adding to my queue? BONUS: Looking for blogging help? Check out Problogger – he has the sweetest Australian accent and really is a pro and I’ve been reading/listening to him for YEARS. Need to do a Business Plan? Jennifer Lee is your woman! She brings the Right Brain Business Plan to life and has been fun to watch grow her own business over the years.


Just Do This One Thing For Your Biz

hey, you! Do this one thing for your biz!

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs, organizations, and small businesses that say they just don’t have time to do social media. I talk a lot about where to spend you time and how to leverage your ideal customers, but if you could do just this one thing you would be lightyears ahead. One thing every single day.

What’s the One Thing?

Post on Instagram and share to your Facebook page. That’s it. It will grow your exposure. It’s easy to do. It takes less than 10 minutes. It’s no excuses social media marketing.

If you committed to doing that for 30 days – which is what I now have perspective clients do before I agree to work with them – you will see growth on both platforms and more engagement. If you want to do this challenge leave your Instagram link in the comments and I’ll follow along and cheer you on.

One thing. Seriously. You don’t want to be the organization that has a photo of last year’s event on your Facebook page and it’s just crickets everywhere. If you open accounts, post one or two things, and then leave so will your customers. They think that you are either not serious about your business, not engaged with your customers or, worse, out of business. This is especially true for retail and restaurants.

Let’s do this! Post once a day and let’s cheer each other on for doing this ONE thing to grow our digital marketing and social media relationships.

What Is Authenticity?

2016-02-20 12.12.57 copy What is authenticity? We are told to be authentic, but what does that mean? The dictionary says that it means of undisputed origin or made or done in the traditional or original way, or in a way that faithfully resembles an original. You know, like “Authentic Hungarian Cuisine” (not that people go searching for that unless, like me, you are Hungarian). It also means “based on facts; accurate or reliable”. So, true. In philosophy is means relating to or denoting an emotionally appropriate, significant, purposive, and responsible mode of human life. So what does that mean in your business, organization, blog or life?

Figuring Out Your Authenticity

Your business, blog, writing, and you need to spend some time unpacking what matters to you. Are you funny? Smart? Fun? Sharp? Do you solve problems? Do you connect dots? Do you make things homey? Do you bring a light? Do you make order out of chaos?

3 Questions To Figuring Out Your Authenticity

What are your three top values? This question works if you are a blogger, job seeker, small town or a business. Consider all the values that you could have and look at what you really have. Name them. Reflect them in your work, your brand, your company culture.

Our downtown is fun and so I often remind people (because when you are working in fun it might not feel fun) that is what the customer wants to experience. They don’t want to hear how hard it is to do hospitality work, about your problems, or why you are having a bad day. They want fun because that is what we offer. Understanding that it is a core value can help remind you when you are talking to people, sharing online, or in our business.

What’s your “why”? Why do you do what you do every day? That big why will get you to the how you are going to do something every single time. If you personal why is your family all of your life decision will revolve around what is best for them. If your why is your faith, it’s the same thing. If your why is adventure – you better be figuring out how to go have some or provide that for your ideal audience. Figuring out your why is a big part of being authentic.Your why will help you not quit.

How do you want to be remembered? Do you want to leave this earth and have them say that they went to work every day? Nope. No one wants that. You want to leave an impression. You want to matter. Showing up isn’t really enough. You have to participate with your whole you. That is your authenticity – the you that you participate with – the you that you show to the world. If you want to be authentic you have to show up with that you every single time. Not some of the time. All of the time.

Consider terrible customer service. We all have a story. That person didn’t have the company culture in mind when they were dealing with you. I promise there is no company in the world that says be crummy to your customers (except the Soup Nazi, but that’s a schtick). No one wants to provide terrible customer service – they probably just haven’t trained their employees in their why or their values. It’s as simple as that.

Your company, your brand, your blog wants to show up and be remembered well – honestly, we all want that. Write it down. How do you want to be remembered. Write your eulogy. Write your epitaph. Don’t let it say wife of so and so. Be you and show up with that every single time (even, frankly even more, when you aren’t feeling it). Mine? #DoGoodWork

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