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Live Simply

Bright Spots, Life Savers & Tools That Work

Bright Spots, Life Savers & Tools That Work

I have been thinking about the life savers and tools I use daily that make a real difference and thought might want to know what helps make things easier in my life/work, too.

Ooo! That Pen: I have always loved Le Pen by Marvy. They are an ultra thin pen and I use them every single day in my Bullet Journal (That Flexi Sketch is my new favorite). They don’t bleed like Sharpie’s can (although I love Sharpie’s, too.) which is important if your planner paper is thin. Mine isn’t in the Flexi Sketch, but I have used plenty of other planners that have thinner paper.

Dreamy Doctor Drive Home the Points: I’m reading The Brain Fog Fix by the dreamy Dr. Mike Dow and he has some really solid points. He takes a whole body approach and I appreciate that so much. I’m breaking down the first section over on Facebook with the 7 Pitfalls of Thinking – the mind traps we get ourselves in and can’t seem to get out of easily. You probably don’t do them all, but I bet there is one that makes you a little crazy… or maybe that’s just me. Ha!

Flow magazine is just such a treat:  I would love to write for them because their idea of simplicity meets creativity is the life I lead in so many ways. I forget that folks are just jumping on the minimalist, tiny house, slow down your life trend when my family did that 16 years ago and rarely (I can’t say never because I’m human) looked back. Each issue is a visual delight and I highly recommend losing yourself within the pages on a sleepy Sunday.

Moisturize Ladies (Men, too!): I found Derma E Vitamin E Oil a few years ago and I use it at night 3 times a week. I don’t wear foundation or powder during the day, but I knew that as I was getting older I needed more moisture in my skin. I was looking for something very simple because I have the Southern California beach culture for make up driving hard in my bones – sun, sunscreen, moisturizer and a natural skin tone are the things that beauty are made of and  I just can’t shake it. I swoon at the smell of Hawaiian Tropic, but that’s for another day. My skin changed when I turned 45 and now at 47 I really am trying to listen to what my body needs. More water and a light moisturizer seem to be doing the trick. I have watched and read countless excerpts of older women who say that they wish they had started moisturizing sooner… so get on that ladies.

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One Word 2017: Kindfulness

kindfulness It’s time to share my One Word: Kindfulness. I unveiled it to my newsletter list this week and the Do Good Work Facebook group. After really thinking about what I want to unveil next year this mashup of a word kept coming back and it feels right. I have sat mediation for over 25 years and I need to take that off the cushion into real life. The timing seems right.

About Kindfulness

What is this mashup word? It is a mix of Kindness and Mindfulness. It is where I try to gather myself together to be present and be kind in real time. Most situations need more kindness not more angst. My tendency as an INFJ on the Meyers Briggs is to tighten up and my heart gets a little harder and a little colder. That isn’t healthy for me or for those around me. I don’t want to pretend everything is a-ok when it isn’t, but I want to be clear with my words and actions in a kind manner. Not fake, but not mean. Kindful.

Mindful Kindness in Action

What does it look like to be mindfully kind?

  • Gathering myself together when I enter a room/meeting/am with someone and being truly present.
  • Listening more than talking and when I am talking I am conscious of my words.
  • Giving more than taking.
  • Being aware of my own energy and what I am bringing to the table.
  • When frustrated, dealing with my own fear/anger/shit about it before unleashing it on the world.
  • Less venting.

Work It

The whole idea of the One Word only works if you actually work it. Picking the word isn’t the hard part. Remembering it is part of your world for the year is actually harder. This year instead of monthly themes/ideas using the word I am focusing on a quarterly dive.

  • January/February/March: Words – how Kindfulness works through my words
  • April/May/June: Actions – how Kindfulness works through my actions
  • July/August/September: Stories – gathering/creating stories of kindfulness
  • October/November/December: Amplification – boosting kindfulness into my world

I’m excited to dive in and continue to share how this One Word manifests itself during the course of the year in my work and personal life. Join the Do Good Work group if you want to be on this action for your own life!

Ending the Year: A Few Easy Things to Do

Ending the Year Ending the Year: It’s that weird week between Christmas an New Year’s where you may be working, but you aren’t quite back in the saddle. I thought I would offer a few things to do in this in between week that will help make your new year a little brighter.

Choose Your One Word

I’m looking ahead at what I want to see next year and what I think I might encounter and I am solidifying my choice of word. Here are some questions you can ask yourself as you go about choosing yours.

Jot Down All the Ideas

I’m in the process of putting down all of the ideas I have for goals for next year. A friend recently asked what the difference was between New Year’s Resolutions and Goals and honestly, probably nothing, except my goals get worked on all year and the bad rap that Resolutions have for fading off in the month has always made me wary of them. I usually do 9 goals, but am considering 12 this year because either I’m overly optimistic or I want to really hustle. Either way, this time is when I start writing down all the ideas. No idea is too big or too silly at this point and they are a mix of work goals and personal goals.

Purge Your Closet

I will be spending some time this week packing away the warm stuff, getting rid of the things that I never wear, and pairing down my clothes in general. I’m completely enamored by Un-fancy’s approach and am thinking of really doing a capsule wardrobe. I don’t love clothes (for a variety of reasons that I’m sure a therapist would enjoy) and want to look polished and put together – that is my only goal. Either way a purge to the closet is in order this week.

Goodbye Old Cornstarch

On Christmas Eve I made traditional fondue, which was great because my daughters boyfriend had never had it. Unfortunately, when I opened the cornstarch there were creepy crawly things in it. Umm. Yuck. So, this week I will be going through our pantry and saying goodbye to anything old and outdated.

Read All the Books

I am diving into the Name of the Wind, a fantasy fiction tome that I would never have chosen, but our badass book club learned that Lin-Manuel Miranda has the rights for TV and film for it and we wanted to be in the know. Therefore I have stepped into unknown territory and am reading a book that has a map with faraway places, killer iron spiders and magicians of some sort. It’s the perfect week for this epic tale.

Ending the Year Doing Good

Move Your Body

I broke my eating plan with a few (literally three) chocolate chocolate chip cookies and an orange roll this holiday and you might have done even more damage and so this week is a great week to do some slow yoga, go on walks and move a little more than you were moving over the holiday.

Whatever you do this week love your people and be kind to those around you. Last week I had to stop into Walmart (something I don’t do very often) and I stopped the worker in produce and asked if they always work in produce. He visibly tightened and said yes, but he wasn’t the manager. I let him know that I didn’t need a manager, but wanted him to know that the current batch of California navel oranges that they have is amazing and that I am so pleased to have them this winter. He relaxed and said no one ever says anything nice and only complains. He was stunned and wished me a happy holiday. People, we can do better. We can be kind during this week and throughout the year.

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