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5 Ways To Really Get Things Done

6a00d83427794753ef01a3fcb66842970bI see people struggling with to do overwhelm everyday online. The feeling of having too much to do and not enough time to do it. There is help, but you have to try these things to stop feeling that way.

Believe You Have Enough Time: This seems counter-intuitive, but the truth is we have enough time to do what we really want/need to do. If you spend all of your time whining about not having enough time then you have enough time to actually get something done.

Dump the Lingering Task: What we don’t have time for is all the superfluous things that land in our lap. If there is something you really don’t want to do then you aren’t ever going to find time to do it. Figure out if it s a real thing or not. If it is a real thing, but you still aren’t finding time for it; find someone else to do it for you even if you have to pay someone.

Master the Master List: You have to brain dump. There is no getting around this process. I like to keep a composition book that is just one big running list of stuff that I add to regularly. This is just every nagging thing that is running around in circles around my mind. If I don’t put it down on paper it keeps me up at night, leaves me unfocused and stops me from actually doing anything. Get all of it out of you and on paper. Do this often.

Make a To Do List Every. Single. Day.: I know you don’t want to. I don’t want to. It seems like I can just wing it, but you know what, we can’t. We need the focus and attention of the list because we are like crows going after the first shiny object. Write a short to do list either the night before or in the morning. Cross stuff off. It feels great.

Make an Action List: On that to do list that you are writing every single day make the items actionable. Don’t write “shop”; instead write “go to the grocery store”. Don’t write “plan event”; write “write press release. If your list looks like a lot of places to go or things to do, but doesn’t tell you what to do when you get there or start doing them you are typically overwhelmed by too big a task. “Plan event” is a huge list of to do’s and only a few can be done at a time. Break them down on your messy master list and then start adding them with action items to your daily to do list.

How I Really Use Twitter – The Power of the Private List

People ask me how I use Twitter a lot and I thought I would share one quick tip on how I use this social tool. You don’t have to be overwhelmed! Twitter is a phenomenal tool for connecting to current events, watching live broadcasts, and keeping up with people that you have met at a conference or online. What I see most often is that people just don’t know how to get above the constant stream of information and using lists is an easy way to stop swimming against the tide and plunging in right where you want to be.

44 and Still Dealing with Insecurities

6a00d83427794753ef01a5115fba12970cAt 44 you would think that I would be over insecurities, but guess what? You are as human at 44 as you are at 13. In the last month I have had a lot of self beat up moments because of what I see happening around me. Folks get to do cool things, have shiny things, are prettier, are thinner, are doing amazing things… on and on. I let it make me feel awful.

I let the shiny world of social media overshadow what my real life is like. To my defense, there were days that I couldn’t leave our hill because of ice and snow and that adds a bit of cray cray to the mix.

Here are some things I have had to tell myself:

Everyone is doing cool things everywhere all the time, and so am I.

Everyone is trying to be as beautiful as they can on the outside and inside, and so am I.

Everyone has new things, old things, cute things, fun things, hot things, and so do I.

Everyone is trying to figure out life just like I am.

That’s it. I had to tell myself that I am not worse because I’m not at the conference that is cool at the moment, buying the kitchiest thing on Etsy, or speed crafting cozies for everything in the most stylish manner ever.

In fact, I bet someone might be envious of my life.

Take today. I slept in until 9am because I had gotten home late from an awards ceremony where I won two awards. My husband made organic oatmeal with cherries in it while I took my shower and got my coffee ready.

I worked with three awesome clients developing new and exciting ideas. I potentially landed another client. I sat in my quiet cottage with my dog at my feet and my cat perched on my desk while my husband ran errands for me that included all of the grocery shopping and picking up my books at the library.

I made amazing vegetarian tofu sloppy joe’s for dinner with hand chopped coleslaw on the side from scratch. I tested Google hangouts with my daughter who just got a job yesterday at her local library and is doing well in what, we hope, will be her last semester of college.

These are amazing things. Simple life things that happen every day here in my cottage and I forget when I focus outside how great this is right here. I am lucky every single day and if you hear me complain otherwise, just roll your eyes and walk away. I have nothing to complain about over here.

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