I get asked a lot of questions. Questions about leaving corporate life, how to become a speaker, social media how to’s, how to cook a meal every day, how to deal with difficult people… it goes on and on. Sometimes I answer the questions, but sometimes I feel like folks want to buy me a cup of coffee, pick my brain and not pay me for the 20+ years of experience that I have. The problem is that I feel bad about not answering the questions (I’m a people pleaser, at heart).


So, I’m launching a new, only via email (right now), Ask Jackie Anything opportunity. I’ll answer questions as they come in my inbox and send out the answers to everyone because I believe that if one person has that questions – lots of people do. Welcome to #AskJackieAnything – a semi monthly newsletter.

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The Series

3. FOMO – fear of missing out by not being in Portland/Denver/Austin/Brooklyn/Seattle or anywhere cooler then where I am now!

2. Small Business Social Media – where should I really spend my time and money?

1. Crazy Client Help! – how to spot a red flag waving right in front of you!

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