Have you been struggling in your business because you make deals with yourself to get stuff done, but then you just let it slide?

Are you trying to create something awesome for the world, but you aren’t getting anywhere?

Are you just in a slump?

It happens and it’s time to make that change.

You can soar with accountability!

Why a membership group? Because I see you struggling. You might have even tried my free 30 Day Challenge group, but it isn’t enough. You just can’t seem to do what you want to do. You let life get in the way and you need something more to get you going. There is real power in a group of committed people all going forward in the same trajectory. The problem is that you might not be surrounded by those people now. Ta da! You can be now. You can be with highly motivated people who just are spinning a little and are ready to get on the path towards great.

With Accountability To Soar you get to grow at your own pace, supported by other people who are growing, and challenging (yes, sometimes kick you in the rear) questions from me. You get to be your best self and stop wishing you were getting something done and actually getting it done.

Stop reading self-help books, business building books, blogs that will move you forward and actually become accountable for your own business and life.

You are going to grow, build and develop into your full potential. We all can and sometimes we all need a little help to get there.

Accountability to Soar is for you if you are:

  • An entrepreneur who just isn’t moving at the pace that you think you want to move and are getting stuck in the weeds.
  • Looking for your tribe of people who are just as motivated as you and are geared up to not take your excuses.
  • Want to go from overwhelm to getting stuff done.
  • Need to know that you are on the right path and are struggling to see the sign posts.
  • Nervous about what your next steps are and the idea of doing anything makes you frozen.
  • Not sure how to even make goals and get things done?
  • Clueless to the tools and resources that are out there to help you do what you do better?
  • Sick of your own excuses for not getting things done.
  • Dying to stop dreaming and start doing.

What are the bells and whistles in the Accountability to Soar?

  • Access to a private community on Facebook, this is good training for using social media with a purpose by the way, where you can ask questions, check in, make contacts, find inspiration and get motivated by peers that are moving at the same speed you are.
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call, this is where the good stuff happens. Your questions about getting stuck are answered, tools and resources are discussed, lightbulb moments happen, and you get motivated to tackle your next project, plan and idea.
  • Accountability Goal Development, you aren’t doing this blindly. You are given the resources to create actual, obtainable goals and develop real tasks to get things done. What is the point if you don’t know where you are headed?
  • Monthly Accountability Check In, this is the nuts and bolts. You will check in monthly with the whole group with your action plan and where you expect to soar. You will get validation, perhaps a little refinement, and encouragement. As the time goes on you will also get a little not so subtle butt kicking if you are just blowing it off because life happens. (Life happens for everyone and it isn’t often a real excuse. Refinement can happen, but doing nothing is, well, just doing nothing.)
  • PLUS access to free webinars year round, Jacqueline Wolven teaches webinars with practical advice to build your brand, your life, and your business in the way that makes you soar. You will have complete access to a variety of webinars that you can take advantage of whenever you want a little extra boost.

Are you ready to take off?

Are you tired of your own excuses? Are you not getting where you want to be in your life goals or business goals? Does it seem like time is slipping by just too quickly? Isn’t it time that you started living life on your terms instead of just bouncing from thing to thing with no idea what the next thing is going to be? This is your time and you can take it where you want to go… with a little push from like minded peers and Jacqueline.

Space is limited. To make this the best experience for everyone the group is limited in size. Join to today to secure your spot because they are going to zip by fast!

Ready? Introductory Monthly Membership $45

Accountability to SoarAbout Jacqueline: I started as a graphic designer, yes, those ubiquitous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys, in my career, but it became obvious pretty quickly that I was meant to manage larger projects and people. I took that and ran with it. Then it was obvious that I was meant to live life on my own terms and 12 years ago I did exactly that by moving half way across the country to simplify, work smarter and not harder, and to build my version of happiness right where I was. I’ve been gathering like minded folks online and in real life over the course of the last 6 years and I see a real need to help people stop dreaming, making excuses, and living in their what if’s. Most people just need a little accountability outside of their personal relationships (that sounds like nagging), their work lives (they may have secret dreams), or on their own (they just spin around in circles). My goal with the Accountability to Soar group is to get people to places they have only dreamed about.

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