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Let’s Build Instead of Break

Buddha in the Room Yesterday I had one of those aha moments! What if, now just go with me, we stopped tearing everything everyone does down and start building our own thing? I know. Right? Crazy idea. I had two big aha moments yesterday that brought me to that realization. Two in one day means I should listen.

The First Aha Moment

The first was at the annual Arkansas Governor’s Conference on Tourism. I attended on behalf of our Main Street program and was astounded at the sheer number of people at the conference from my town. Tourism is our only economy, but I was thrilled to see everyone from the Mayor to attractions come out to learn more about tourism and hospitality. There were well over 20 of us there. We have this tradition, on the first day of the conference, of everyone in our community wearing red shirts – which makes us easy to spot and realize the powerhouse of tourism that our small community is within the state. It is exciting to see!

It was in that moment that I realize that I was tired of not supporting the work that everyone was doing. I can’t always participate in everything, but there is no reason that I can’t celebrate the work that they are doing. It might not be my “thing”, but it is someone’s and they are working hard to bring it into fruition. That is worth supporting.

I know. Kumbaya. But really. People are working hard to bring amazing things to my small community and any effort is an amazing effort. We all know how hard it is to do anything so who needs someone, anyone, knocking down the effort. They deserve my support.

The Second Aha Moment

The second realization was after reading all the flack that the Girl Scouts, Susan Sandberg and Beyoncé were getting for their new #BanBossy campaign. Women were derailing it before they even read the material. Why wasn’t it a better campaign? Why were they just banning a word? Why couldn’t it solve all problems that girls and women face.

My goodness.

To be clear. I love the Girl Scouts. They stand for leadership, community, and kindness amongst girls. When they step out into the forefront with a new campaign I listen because they are a careful, thoughtful organization. They are working to empower young girls, every single day. This new campaign is about looking at language, understanding culture, and recognizing that strong girls or women are not bossy or bitches they are leaders.


As someone who, on enough occasions, has been called a bitch because I am a direct leader, I appreciate their effort and I cared enough about the issue to read their phenomenal material. It is chockfull of information and statistics that should wake people up.

So good for them. They are addressing a problem in their way and I support that. If I or you want to do something MORE to help young women become leaders that would be sprinkles on the donut!

We do not need to spend our time breaking down the work that is being done. In fact, it is perfectly acceptable to get on the bandwagon if that is your thing or just go off and do your own thing. I would totally support that.

Join My Aha?

Every time someone raises their hand and says they will do something is either a chance to support them or to shoot them down. You decide how you want to be. Me? I’m going to start supporting because raising your hand isn’t easy in this world.

Photo: Buddha peeks out from a corner of our cottage each morning… I guess yesterday he had a little nudge into my Aha Moments.

Speaking & Workshops


Teaching is in my bones. My goal is to communicate smart marketing, big ideas, and motivation in a way that audiences can hear it. I teach workshops nationwide, train small groups, and keynote events.

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Each crash course or one hour session takes into account where your group or organization is in the realm of marketing on and offline. You may think your team knows everything there is to know about social or advertising, but you would be surprised by the questions that I get asked. I can reach your beginners or go in depth with your more senior team members.

Jacqueline Wolven is a very informative, inspirational and gifted speaker and presenter. Her presentation was spot on. – Todd Jones

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  • Staying Motivated Even When You Don’t Feel Up To It: Everyone goes through cycles of motivation; I show specific tools to staying motivated even when you aren’t feeling up to it. Explaining how organization and motivation are closely tied, how not being motivated for a specific task may be signaling something else, and how to leap over the roadblocks to maintain a higher level of success.
  • Be Authentic!: Stop doing what the other guy is doing! Learn how being truly yourself in your business can boost you beyond your dreams. Your future success depends on you being you, but that can be scary for some folks. I walk you through the basis of what real relationship marketing and being your true self can do to out-shine even your expectations. You and your brand can be extraordinary, unique and totally built around you allowing your customers to be part of a real relationship with you. The truth? We do business with friends; learn how to make that work in your business.

Shout Outs: “One of the best classes I’ve been to. Thanks!” Linda McFarlin, Facebook for Business Workshop

“I’m inspired! Jacqueline was able to put into concrete words what I needed to know and now I feel like I can make a difference in my organization.” Janie Clark, ASBTDC attendee

Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce thanks you again Jackie. Your FREE monthly seminars are a great service that you, via Eureka Springs Downtown Network, provide. Every level of expertise will walk away learning new tidbits!

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